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Spas in Chianciano and the Surroundings

Chianciano Terme plus much more: Montepulciano, Sant’Elena, Bagno Vignoni and many others

Salus per Aqua: health through water

As early as in ancient Rome days, Spas were considered a treat after hard work: a perfect mix of physical and mental wellbeing. They made the best place to go to pamper yourself with the benefiecial properties of water and mud, as well as venues for spending free time, pursuing the ideal concept of otium (idleness), essential for coping with any other activity with rinvigorated body and soul.
Such philosophy still underlines the Spa centres situated nearby the Hotel. Tuscany's Spas pride themselves on innovation and cutting-edge treatments supported by the healing properties of their waters, proposing a unique range of options.

We have the pleasure to introduce you to the closest Spa resorts, along with the healing qualities of their waters:

- Le Terme di Chianciano - Spa - Chianciano Terme
- Le Terme di Sant’Elena - Spa - Chianciano Terme

Terme di Chianciano

Terme di Chianciano bicarbonate-sulphat-calcium waters mainly owe their long-established reputation to their liver healing action. They are known as a gentle and natural treatment for solving a number of aliments: Acqua Santa and Acqua Fucoli water varieties are beneficial for the liver and the gastrointestinal tract. Acqua Santissima water is suitable for inhalation, aerosol and insufflation to cure diseases of the upper respiratory tract, and Acqua Sillene water is used for mud baths, Spa baths and cosmetic treatments.

The new naturopathy Sensorial Spa located in the Acqua Santa Spa park, proposes sensorial trails focusing on the human energy field, for restoring harmony among the five elements - Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Ether.

The Sensorial Spa draws on ancient Spa springs to combine chakra balancing healing (chakra = body energy centre) with groundbreaking architectonic solutions. The facility proposes thirty evocative treatments: from tropical showers to Ayurveda, from ice crash to Spa pools.

The brand new THEIA thermal pools facility - temperature ranging between 33 and 36 degrees - features a network of 4 outdoor and 3 indoor pools, average depth one metre and thirty. Total pool surface is 536 square metres. All pools are equipped with water features, hydro massage areas with beds, cervical water jets and Spa water features.

- Alimentazione e dieta
- Cure convenzionate SSN
- Cure fisioterapiche
- Cure idroponiche
- Cure inalatorie
- Diagnostica
- Fanghi termali
- Fitness
- Idroterapia     
- Medicina estetica
- Naturopatia
- Relax e massaggi
- Tecniche di riabilitazione
- Trattamenti anticellulite
- Trattamenti estetici
- Trattamenti olistici e tecniche orientali
- Visite specialistiche

Saint Helena Terme

Terme Sant' Elena Spa is set high up in charming hills, in Chianciano Terme Spa area. A park of centuries-old oaks, mighty pines, silvery olive trees and striking broom frame it, creating a green, ecological, quiet haven.

It is an open enviroment with sweeping views encompassing Lake Chiusi, Lake Montepulciano and Lake Trasimeno, as well as the Amiata mountain range.

- Cure convenzionate SSN
- Cure idropiniche

In addition:

- Terme di Montepulciano Spa - Montepulciano - is 10 km from the hotel
- Terme di Bagno Vignoni Spa - San Quirico D’Orcia - is 25 km from the hotel
- Terme di San Filippo Spa - Castiglione d’Orcia - Località S. Filippo - is 25 km from the hotel

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