Exclusive treatments

The rose of the Desert is a unique treatment of its kind.

Lying on a bed wrapped in steam, you will experience the massages of our staff, surrounded by a pleasant breeze.

Inside the chromatic room in Thalasso – Ayurvedic multi-sensory wood, you will be enveloped in a magical atmosphere, immersed in the peace of the desert. Everything slows down, even one’s inner rhythm.

We fall asleep while a very sweet vapor envelops the body. The natural active ingredients act beneficially on the spirit and on the body through the application of treatments.

The Desert Rose - Exclusive Body Treatments

Massage with red wine gel, clay with iron water, marine mud, compresses of paraffin with Chlorophyll and lemon, baths of unsaturated Vitaminizing Oils, and many other compounds.
The choice of the wind to use is up to you:

- Khamsin - treatment for swelling located in the abdomen
- Scirocco - circulatory treatment and draining legs
- Ghibli - body firming / draining treatment
- Simun - energizing tanning treatment with solaria
- Kalima - oxygenating anti-aging body treatment
- Harmattan - ayurvedic relaxing and balancing treatment
50 min. - € 65,00