Our wellness center offers specific facial-body treatments for both men and women.

We have adopted the OLOS line: composed of only natural ingredients, without parabens and without paraffins, without petrolatum, without ethyl alcohol.
Scientific tests demonstrate the effectiveness of these products. After their first application you will immediately notice the results.
Elastic skin, firm body parts and relaxed facial features.

Revitalizing - anti-age-oily skin-dry skin-sensitive skin

Stimulates the natural process of regeneration of the skin.
It returns energy and tone to the skin tired by the attacks of external agents. The skin regains energy and vitality, the face regains a fresh and tonic appearance.
50 min. - € 70,00

Anti-age - natural lifting-glicoform-anti-aging retinol

Anti-aging treatments for the prevention and mitigation of facial wrinkles. The active ingredients prevent the appearance of skin blemishes due to the relaxation of facial tissues and change the appearance, improving elasticity.
50 min. - € 80 / € 100

Energizing face treatment at Thermalfango - specific for men

Through plant and anti-oxidant active ingredients and marine oligo-elements it gives tone and firmness to the skin of the face.
50 min. - € 75,00

Balancing - couperose-hydrating-soothing-mat

Synergies of minerals and trace elements help the cell regeneration and the strengthening of the metabolic functions of the tissue, maintaining a beautiful turgor of the skin and giving the face brightness.
50 min. - € 80,00

Deep facial cleansing treatment

Treatment that allows a deep purification of the skin freeing it from impurities and giving it hydration and purity.
50 min. - € 70,00

Short treatments - for those with limited time

Targeted and personalized treatments dedicated to the skin on your face and around the eyes, choose your treatment:
Active face cleansing with plant extracts
Personalized face mask
Detoxifying cucumber cleansing
Eye contour treatment with hyaluronic acid
25 min. - € 40,00

Beauty Breast - breast toning treatment

Active synergies specifically formulated to elasticise, firm and nourish the epidermis, aimed at toning and reshaping the torso, giving tone and firmness to the breasts and décolleté.
50 min. - € 70,00

Ice body gel - toning body treatment

Treatment with a gel based on plant extracts, indicated as a cosmetic aid in the prevention and treatment of cellulite. Given its strongly active composition, it is recommended for the treatment of localized fat exfoliation.
50 min. - € 60,00

Termovit Slim - active sludge treatment

The particular active components act on the imperfections of the skin as cosmetic aids by accelerating the cutaneous exchanges and improving lymphatic drainage. The treatment acts on the epidermis, improving tone and skin tropism. The extracts present have an adjuvant action giving the skin greater firmness and elasticity
50 min. - € 65,00

Bronzing active mask - tanning treatment with solaria

Synergies of essential oils for a calming and anti-oxidant action, trace elements for deep hydration, green coffee and guarana for an effective stimulation of melanin give a perfect and long-lasting tan. Suitable for all skin types.
40 min. - € 50,00

Chocolate or coffee liposlim - body treatment with solaria

Melanin slimming and stimulating treatment. Cacao, rodisterol, plant extracts stimulate local metabolism and tissue drainage. Suitable for all types of cellulite and for a perfect and long-lasting tan.
50 min. - € 60,00

Short Body Treatments

Body treatments dedicated to nourishment and brightness of your skin, choose your treatment: Nourishing vanilla wrap
Body peeling with coconut
Body peeling with honey
Scrub with citrus fruits
Body exfoliating treatment
Revitalizing scalp treatment
25 min. - € 40,00

Four hands massage - Body massages

Two operators envelop your body with harmonized manual skills, creating a relaxing and emotion-filled atmosphere.
25 min./50 min. - € 80,00 / € 100.00

Total Lymphatic drainage massage - Body massages

Manual lymphatic drainage techniques aim to restore lymphatic flow by activating organic water circulation.
50 min. - € 60,00

Relaxation massage - Body massages

It is indicated to dissolve both physical and mental tensions. It relaxes, restores the pattern of relaxation, balances the mood, promotes good circulation and the state of nourishment of the tissues.
25 min./50 min. - € 40,00 / € 60.00

Anti-stress massage - Body massages

The anti-stress massage focuses on the "stress" problem, and is designed to offer, in a perfect way, the recovery of the holistic balance and to free oneself from the feeling of tension.
25 min./50 min. € 40,00 / € 60.00

Olea Nutritional Massage - Body massages

Thanks to its dermocalmant complexes, this effective product improves the skin tone bringing it back to its natural balance. The set of pure components of proven effectiveness such as olive oil (Organic), pure wheat germ oil and orange essential oil, make it a cosmetic treatment with high eudermic power, suitable for all types leather made.
25 min./50 min. € 40,00 / € 60.00

Short body massages - Body massages

Targeted massages dedicated to your well-being, choose your massage:
- Bronzing massage
- Dhara massage
- Abdominal massage
- Hot chocolate massage
- Anti-cellulite massage
- Facial massage
- Energizing massage
- Partial lymphatic drainage massage
- Toning massage
- Body aromatherapy massage
25 min. - € 40,00

Body Candle Massage – olistic treatments

Not many people know this massage, coming from the Ayurvedic tradition: it is the Candle Massage, that is the massage performed with candles. It consists in massaging the body with the matter resulting from the fusion of an aromatic candle, composed of vegetable butter with particularly nourishing and moisturizing properties, and possibly enriched with other natural substances. The Candle Massage is an exclusive selection of the finest dexterities taken from oriental massages joined together in a unique sequence with a typically ritual flavor. In fact, it sinks its roots into Ayurvedic rituals and the refined manual skills of Tao and Indonesian massages in an explosive mixture of rare refinement. The candles, made with vegetable butter, are melted and the oil that is generated, called "liquid fire", is applied directly on the body, to make a relaxing and invigorating massage.
50 min. - € 65,00

Ayurveda massage - holistic treatments

Performed with hot oil, it works with enveloping dexterity on the energetic points, balancing body and mind in a harmonious way.
50 min. - € 65,00

Shiatsu massage - Holistic treatments

Shiatsu is a form of massage that acts beneficially on neurovegetative balance. It gives calm and relaxation to the mind, agility and flexibility to the body. It is a way to recharge energy and live better.
50 min. - € 65,00

Tibetan massage - holistic treatments

Treatment carried out with bags of warm salt, with detoxifying properties and stimulating circulation, the heat released helps to relieve the tensions due to daily stress.
50 min. - € 65,00

Reiki - Holistic Treatments

"Universal Vital Energy".
Through the light contact of the hands on specific parts of the body the "chakras" (energetic vortexes dedicated to physical and emotional functioning) are stimulated for the harmony of the energetic system and the overcoming of physical and emotional blocks.
50 min. - € 65,00

Harmony of the senses treatment - holistic treatments

Treatment that stimulates the senses through chromotherapy, aromatherapy and sweet music with pressure on the extremities of the body, in order to create muscle relaxation and achieve a well-being of body and mind.
50 min. - € 40,00

Face-Body Aromatherapy Massage - Holistic Treatments

Technique that uses the properties of essential oils mixed with vegetable massage oils. Through a delicate message, the oils penetrate deeply detoxifying the body, while the inhaled perfumes stimulate the production of endorphins, the so-called hormones of happiness; in addition, specific creams and facial dexterity immediately dissolve the tensions of our entire body.
50 min. - € 65,00

Hot Stone Massage - Holistic Treatments

The practice of using stones for their therapeutic effect has origins that blend with those of man. The treatment consists in the application of heated lava stones in various parts of the body, associated with a massage. The stones, due to their thermal inertia, give off their heat very slowly and the interested parts gradually heat up.
50 min. - € 65,00

Thai massage - holistic treatments

The body is stretched, stretched, manipulated through techniques very close to passive yoga. The goal is to bring the body, mind and spirit to a perfect balance, eliminating the tensions that come from everyday stress.
50 min. - € 65,00

Yanna massage - Holistic treatments

The exclusive Yanna bed has been designed to enhance the various massage techniques with its new synergistic movements. The contact and the "rocking" of the Yanna massage activate revitalizing processes important for the good functioning of the body: muscle tension is reduced, respiratory and energetic function is improved, the repressed emotions are released and a feeling of calm and total inner perception.
50 min. - € 65,00

Foot reflexology - holistic treatments

Plantar reflexology is a technique of therapeutic massage of the soles of the feet. According to reflexology, the various areas of the foot reflect all the functions and organs of the human body and the stimulation of these points causes a general reharmonization of the body with the improvement of many physical and mental pathologies.
35 min. - € 65,00