Saint Helena Terme

The Terme Sant’Elena are located in an enchanting, high hill in the thermal area of Chianciano Terme. A park of centuries-old oaks, majestic pines, silvery olive trees and sparkling brooms surround them creating an ecological oasis of greenery and tranquility.
From here the gaze opens up free on the magnificent landscape of the lakes of Chiusi, Montepulciano, del Trasimeno and on the junctions of Mount Amiata.

Known for centuries, Sant’Elena water is an alkaline-calcium bicarbonate mineral water, which has important clinically proven and scientifically proven therapeutic actions in humans and animals. Sant’Elena water is always well tolerated, it cleanses the body of harmful substances, increases diuresis, facilitates the elimination of excess water, promotes during and after treatment the elimination of kidney stones and renella and prevents recurrences, fights acute and chronic inflammation of the urinary tract, regulates the altered uric acid replacement, is indicated in gastrointestinal dyspepsias (burns, spasms, etc.), facilitates digestive functions and is recommended in physical-sports activity.


– SSN-affiliated treatment
– Hydropinic treatments